Transportation of the deceased

We will help to transport the deceased to another country

Перевозка умерших

In most cases, death comes unexpectedly. Relatives and friends of the deceased who are in grief have to take care of transportation and burial. This task becomes even more difficult if a person is abroad, and for burial in his native place, the deceased must be transported over a long distance.

It is very difficult to cope with this yourself, given the many other worries that have fallen on relatives. Our company will undertake all work on the transportation of the body from the EU, CIS and other countries.

Transportation of the dead around the world

Today, our company offers a full range of services for the transportation of the deceased. This includes the direct transportation of the corpse, repatriation, reburial in the hometown, cremation, transportation from a hospital or other place.

Our company also offers other services, including ordering decorations, wreaths and flowers, which is almost always required at a traditional funeral. In addition to transporting the dead, the company sells urns, coffins and other things needed in such cases.

By contacting us, clients receive the following benefits:

  • The transportation of corpses is carried out not only within the country, but also from other countries or even continents;
  • Solving bureaucratic issues, which greatly saves time for friends and relatives of the deceased;
  • Full support and assistance to clients;
  • In addition to the transportation of the deceased, other funeral services are offered that may be needed in the given circumstances;
  • Affordable price for services.

Types of transport for transporting the deceased

By car

Very often, transportation of the deceased by car is the most profitable solution. For this purpose, specially equipped vehicles are used, which have the appropriate design and are most suitable for such tasks as transporting the deceased to another place in the city or another settlement.

By plane

If it is not possible to transport the deceased by car, then you should think about transporting the deceased by plane. This option is convenient when the deceased is on another continent or at a great distance. Moreover, transportation by plane from abroad takes much less time than by car.

By train

Delivery of the body by train is also an acceptable solution if the coffin needs to be transported to another city or country. This option is suitable in cases where there is a railway connection between cities, a suitable train schedule, as well as specially equipped wagons.

The cost of transportation of the deceased

The price of transportation services is influenced by the weight of the cargo, distance, country of departure and destination, the type of transport used. There are also separate tariffs for additional services.

Our company will help transport the deceased to another country from Europe, America and other continents, as well as organize a funeral and solve other problems. Contact right now to get advice and cost estimate.

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