Transportation of the deceased from America

We will help to transport the deceased from America to another country

Перевозка умерших

For decades, America has been a popular destination for temporary migration or permanent relocation. But, if a person dies in this country, his relatives are often faced with the need to transport the body home.

Given the long distance and other difficulties, this is very difficult to do on your own. Therefore, when it is necessary to transport the deceased from America, our bureau of funeral services comes to the rescue. We can arrange international transportation of the coffin, as well as offer additional services.

Transportation of the dead from America to other countries

The company’s experience in this direction is more than 20 years, so we can be entrusted with the transportation of the deceased from America and other tasks related to the funeral of the deceased. Our bureau of funeral services removes many worries from those who are now in a difficult situation.

We can transport 200 cargo from America to Ukraine and CIS countries such as Moldova, Belarus, Russia. It is also possible to deliver the coffin to Germany, Austria, Poland, France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Portugal, Greece, Israel, Romania, Belgium, and even Australia.

Why is it better to order the transportation of the deceased from America in our office:

  • There are burial services in another country, as well as registration of repatriation;
  • For transportation across the border, you need to fill out certain documents, but we take these bureaucratic procedures upon ourselves;
  • We not only carry out transportation abroad, but also offer other services that our clients need;
  • Affordable prices for funeral home services;
  • Full support.

Available types of transport for transportation of 200 cargo from America

To transport a corpse from America to another country, the following methods can be used, among other things:

  • Car;
  • Airplane;
  • Railway and sea transport.

To find out the cost of transportation, approximate terms, etc., just call us or leave a request. We are ready to help and provide our support, so you can contact us right now.

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