Transportation of the deceased from Austria

We will help to transport the deceased from Austria to another country

Перевозка умерших

Life is unpredictable and we cannot be ready for some things. When a person dies, it brings sadness and suffering to his loved ones, and if this happened abroad, then all the tasks associated with transportation to their homeland fall on them.

The need to transport a body across the border often arises. For example, when a person temporarily or permanently lived in Austria, but bequeathed to bury himself in his homeland. But, unfortunately, it is often very difficult for relatives to carry out the transportation of the deceased from Austria on their own.

Our funeral services bureau has the necessary transport and personnel to organize the transportation of the coffin from Austria to another country. Also, the customer can use other services related to the organization of the funeral.

Transportation of the dead from Austria to other countries

Our company has been performing such international transportation for over 20 years. We can arrange transportation of the deceased to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Romania, Israel, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy. It is also possible to transport a corpse from Austria to America, Australia.

The Bureau offers its clients who need such a service the following advantages:

  • Low prices for the transportation of the deceased from Austria;
  • We not only carry out the delivery of the body to a specific country, but also provide assistance in organizing the funeral;
  • We will help you complete the repatriation procedure;
  • Resolution of bureaucratic issues;
  • Full support.

Available types of transport for transporting 200 cargo from Austria

If you need to transport 200 cargo from Austria, this can be done in the following ways:

  • By car;
  • By plane;
  • By train.

Contact us right now to find out how the transportation of the deceased from Austria is carried out, what is the cost of transportation and what is needed for this. To get answers to these and other questions, you can contact us by phone or leave a request on the website.

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